January 19, 2018

Role of Aptitude Test While Hiring Android Developer

Android Developer Test

Being the Android developer demand a lot of proficiency in order to handle the task pertaining to software as per the required standards. Therefore, if the honest and hardworking people are not hired, the company operations may not prove to be successful to the customers of the android development. The competition in the market makes the situation more tensed for …

Keeping your Smartphone Safe from Cyber Attacks

Cell phone security is the last thing on most people minds, but in today’s tech-savvy society, keeping your smartphone data safe is just as important as securing your desktop or laptop computer. Given the fact that we use our phones for everything from sending emails to online banking and casino games, the risk of identity theft and stolen credit card …

Best Spy Apps For Android: The Right Choice?

Don’t judge me when I say spying technology is a must these days. I’m not favoring its unethical use, instead, I’m privy to the fact that tracking apps can be used to curb espionage and ensure online safety. So whether you are concerned about dishonest employees, cheating spouse or kid’s safety, you must be familiar with the creativity of the …

Top 10 Best Android Apps For You In 2017

New apps come and go every day, with developers striving forward to introduce new improvements in their apps each day. Today, we will be discussing about the top 10 best apps in 2017 that you must have in your phone. Google Maps Google Maps is probably the best navigation app available out there, and is one of the best Android …

Android O First impressions: Redesigned Settings, Quick Toggles and notifications, Smart Text Selection and much more

Android O was claimed as one of the crucial segment at Google I/O 2017. It already has 2 billion active users on the platform to accentuate the criticality of the update. The web giant has been quite careful, and just to see the initial response have released Android O in a public Beta. To use it, you can enroll in …

Google I/O 2017: Android O to improve Apps performance & enable two times faster reboot

The Google’s I/O Developers Conference commenced on Wednesday with a keynote by the CEO Sundar Pichai. It was almost 2 hour-long addresses that comprised what all the company is trying to achieve through its artificial intelligence to VR & Android O, the next major OS by the company. Google launched the beta rollout of Android O and also offered an …

Android Auto Features : Guarantees Hands-free Driving Experience For On-The-Go Drivers

Android Auto

The convenience offered by technology in our daily lives is getting more and more advanced and the latest technology rolled out by Android, the Android Auto concept, is definitely an onset of technology scaling new heights. Android Auto is slated to incorporate a complete hands-free usage of your mobile while driving your car. Be it music, or maps or any sort of …

WhatsApp Announces 10 New Upcoming Features

WhatsApp updates

WhatsApp, the mobile-based messaging app owned by Facebook, presently has some 1 billion users. The app has become one of the most crucial modes of communication for many people around the globe. An upcoming update (v2.16.18) of the messaging service will be adding some new features. The WhatsApp update is available to Android Beta user group and is also available in the form …

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