January 21, 2018


4 Best Time Saving Gadgets Ever

With the world running all around at a speed that becomes difficult to match, life seems all the more exhausting and difficult. And when this happens what follows is a life of chaos and everything going wrong. This sometimes turns to panic and anxiety which you know are not good in anyway. So we all start looking for the 25th …

Grand Finale Sale by Paytm Mall has begun

The 12.12 Festival sale by Digital payment solutions provider Paytm has recently started.  Now, the e-commerce arm of the company Paytm Mall has started off the Grand Finale sale. It will be a three-day sale in which the company will be offering cashback and discount on various smartphones and tablets. The list of brands on which discounts will be given by the …

What To Do When You Accidentally Press The “Delete” Button

Nobody enjoys accidents, but they do happen. Just like when you want to delete certain files, but you end up pressing the “Delete” button for all the wrong files. Or you press this button without wanting to delete anything at all. The moment you realize what you’ve done, you can feel the sweat drops forming on your forehead. Suddenly, it …

10 Reasons For Choosing CCTV Security Cameras For You

CCTV security cameras are a most effective method to convey security to your home or office. With security camera, you can create a checkpoint at every turn to deter the burglars and thieves. The security equipment empowered with advanced technology delivers real-time footages all around the clock. Image Source: beealarmed The advancement of CCTV and software has brought several benefits …

Specifications Leaked for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

The specification for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 have been leaked and according to reports it could be set to launch very soon. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is the alleged successor of the popular Redmi Note 4 and has been spotted online which is what led to the suspicions that it will soon be released sending fans into a …

How to Hire the Best App Development Company for Your Smartphone App Concept

With online access habits transforming very rapidly from desktops to mobile devices, it is imperative that you have a smartphone app up and running to leverage on this opportunity. Unfortunately, with every agency claiming to be an expert, it can be quite difficult to select a really competent developer who will appreciate your concept, add value, and get the job …

Nokia 7: A Tough Competitor in Indian Market

The telecom companies are much in the limelight these days as there are lots of internet plans and devices are in the market that can help the users to have the most effective utility. The mobile is a device which has been in discussion among people since evolution. There was a time when the communication was limited to the wired …

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