November 19, 2017
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Elon Musk promised a surprise during the Tesla semi unveiling event, and boy did he deliver: the return of the Roadster. But it’s no repeat performance. The stunning four-seater roadster boasts jaw-dropping numbers, that if they measure up to Musk’s claims, will make it the world’s fastest production car. In his remarks, Musk described it as a “smackdown” to the …


500 miles of range and more aerodynamic than a supercar

The Tesla Semi truck is a hulking and menacing hauler, with the presence of Darth Vader lurking from above when cast in the black hue, or more like an apparition in metallic silver-white. In other words: it’s exactly what we expect to see from Tesla, as it attempts to make a semi truck that lives up to the brand’s DNA …

5 Tips for Efficient Large Format Printing

To get the print perfect format on the promotional boards is quite a challenging task as even a little flaw can ruin the overall look. The promotional boards play a significant role in uplifting any brand or launching an event, and for grabbing the eyeballs of the people, these boards are of great use. The people hire the professionals for …

How to Give Your Small Business a Boost Using Local SEO Strategies?

Local SEO Strategies

Being an entrepreneur means you are always looking out for ways your business enterprise can exploit to achieve its organizational goals in the marketplace. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very useful tool that can increase relevant online traffic to your business website and it is essential for you to take full advantage of it. However, as a business proprietor, …

The Altwork Station Automated Desk and Chair

Technology is among the core goals of every nation. Achieving a sustainable technological level enables activities to become easier compared to the manual means of performing tasks. Technology may differ from one item to another depending on the purpose, and the level of innovation applied. There are a variety of equipment’s that employ technology, and they vary from elevators to …

Match Group is still in talks to acquire Bumble with a valuation over $1B

In August we reported from our sources that Match Group made an offer to acquire Bumble for $450M. Bumble declined the offer, and at the time a source close to the company suggested to TechCrunch that Bumble was actually valued at $1 billion. Now we’ve learned that these talks are still ongoing, with recent discussions centered around a valuation of “well over” $1B.  The …

Microsoft’s Period Of Congenial Cooperation Could Be Over

A couple of years ago while a guest of Marc Benioff onstage at Salesforce’s Dreamforce customer conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said something that seemed to signal a new period of amicable cooperation for his company. Several pieces of evidence seem to suggest that the period of friendly cooperation that was in full bloom in 2015 could be over, and not just …

Data Recovery Tools For Avoiding the Ultimate Disaster

With newer and newer data recovery tools being introduced in the market, you should only be on the lookout for ones that help you realize a noticeable and generous increment in practicality, creation, and usability at the most reduced conceivable cost. Information Recovery Tools To begin with, make sure that the recuperation and undelete programming items are the perfect rebuttals …

Meet Boston Dynamics’ streamlined SpotMini

Boston Dynamics hasn’t talked much since it changed hands from Google’s ailing robotics wing to the deep pockets of SoftBank, but the cutting-edge robotics firm happily gave the world a sneak peek of what it’s been working on in the meantime. The company posted a 24-second teaser trailer showcasing a sleek new version of its latest offering, the electric-powered SpotMini. We’ve reached …

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