May 26, 2017
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ISIS Claims the Attack on Parliament in UK

The gunman (practically a lone wolf attacker inspired from ISIS theory) who killed three civilians and injured several others near one of the highly secured zone, British parliament before being killed was British by birth! And another astonishing fact is that he was investigated by some security agencies before! Though the official news agency, Amaq ISIS has claimed the full …

London Attacks: 7 Arrests Later, London Still Looks For Answers


London Attacks: The British police today arrested seven people on the suspicion that they were involved in the deadly London terror attacks. In armed raids, the police today picked up these people; while no details have been divulged on the reasons behind the arrests, the needle of suspicion is towards the “Islamist-related” attacks on the world’s oldest parliament and an abiding …

Amazon Dash Button Now A Potent Tool To Combat President Trump

Amazon dash-ACLU

A designer named Nathan Pryor has turned the Amazon Dash button into a tool for donating to the American Civil Liberties Union, popularly abbreviated as the ACLU. The self-described computer programmer and tinkerer has coded the Amazon Dash button in a way that triggers a $5 donation to ACLU anytime the button is pressed. Pryor states that this was his …

New Law for Border Adjustment Tax Under Trump Administration


One of its leading and most influential leaders The Koch Brothers have wholeheartedly condemned the new law for Border Adjustment Tax which was approved by POTUS Donald Trump under his administration on Sunday i.e. 29th of January. The firm expressed their displeasure regarding the ban on deduction of purchases on all import goods including subsidiaries like paper products, fertilisers, chemicals, …

Zika Virus’ Rapid Spread Over Last Year Lays Bare Global Unpreparedness in Handling Epidemics

Aedes aegypti_zika

A new report by the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) says the mosquito- borne Zika virus has spread rapidly throughout the Americas, including the Caribbean, in a deadly turn of events after it was first detected in Brazil in 2015. The report also stated that by the end of 2016, 48 countries and territories in the Americas, which is an encompassing term …

Pakistan, Seemingly Isolated At ‘Heart of Asia’ Conference in Amritsar, Cries Foul


The 6th iteration of the annual ‘Heart of Asia’ or HoA conference currently underway in the holy city of Amritsar witnessed unprecedented occurrences on the sidelines as well as in official protocol as Pakistan was squarely blamed for the wave of terrorism across South Asia, with international representatives of various countries blaming the beleaguered nation for harbouring, financing and sponsoring …

Afghan President Ghani and PM Modi To Meet At ‘Heart of Asia’ Conference in Amritsar


The city of Amritsar has been fortified with added layers of security as the 6th ‘Heart of Asia’ conference gets underway today, the 3rd of December. Besides the presence of PM Narendra Modi, other foreign delegations will include the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and Sartaj Aziz, adviser to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who will lead the Pakistani delegation. Delegates from …

Cuba Post Castro: Which Way Will Cuba Go Now?

The Castro Brothers

The one thing that has brought the world together after the passing of Former Cuban President Fidel Castro late last week has been the future of the tiny island nation. Of the many tales that are told about the former president, the very image of the romantic-cigar-wielding-revolutionary, there is one which goes like this: 50 years ago, Castro had predicted …

Germany Struggles to Cope with Surging Turkish Asylum Applications


Amid the global refugee crisis and growing global intervention in the war to bring down the ISIS, Germany had been a glowing light, shining in its singular achievement of welcoming refugees with open hearts and arms. Now, however, Germany is struggling to cope up with a reported 400% increase in numbers of asylum-seekers and refugees from its European neighbour and …

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