November 19, 2017
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How to Remove a Criminal Record in Canada

Living in a modern society requires us as citizens to respect the rule of law. However, there come times in our life when extenuating circumstances lead us into violation of the rules. Receiving a criminal record for breaking the law can have devastating effects on the rest of your life. Your primary concern should be removing your criminal record and …

Modi’s Unwillingness To Listen To Criticism Has Knocked The Halo Off His Head

“Just landed in Delhi,” a Bollywood starlet tweeted on May 26, 2014, “and even the air feels cleaner. #AccheDin” The crowds that thronged Delhi to celebrate Narendra Modi’s swearing-in breathed that purified air through the Modi mask that had during the election cycle been elevated to a fashion statement. And in response to Modi’s triumphant speech, they responded to his …

China Opens Expressway Between Lhasa And Nyingchi, Close To Arunachal Pradesh Border

China opened a new expressway from Lhasa to Nyingchi today. It is a 409 km long highway with a speed limit of 80 km/hr. The 8-hour journey from Tibet’s provincial capital Lhasa to Nyingchi has now been shortened to only 5 hours. The inauguration of this expressway has caused a surge in infrastructure on the other side of the border …

China bans textile trade & limits its oil trade with North Korea:

In an official announcement, China said that it will no longer offer oil supply or buy textile from the politically isolated nation, North Korea. China is known to be the biggest trading partner of North Korea and also the sole source of hard currency. The ban laid on the textile buying will hit Pyongyang’s income significantly while the China’s oil …

Change the complete scenario of the US politics by betting on the favorite leader

What if the politics would be predicted by the betting process? William Hill will give you that chance through which you can definitely get your favorite leader in the top position. Betting for the potential leader online would be an exceptional way to witness your favorite leader in the 2020 US presidential election. It’s just 2017 and people have started …

AIB in trouble again for making fun of PM

The comedy group All India Bakchod is in trouble, yet again. An FIR has been lodged against the group and its members for defamation and posting offensive content on social media under the IT Act owing to a joke they posted on Twitter which showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi waiting at a railway station and using the dog filter on …

2017 class photo of G20 leaders

All Leaders in one frame at the opening of G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday. Let’s see who all are in the portrait: 1. Emmanuel Macron – President of France 2. Donald Trump – President of the United States 3. Joko Widodo – President of Indonesia 4. Enrique Peña Nieto – President of Mexico 5. Jacob Zuma – President of …

Ivanka holds seat for Trump; Critics agree and disagree

During the G-20 summit at Hamburg, President Donald Trump walked out of a working session and his daughter, Ivanka Trump briefly took his seat at the session table between Chinese President Xi Ping and British Prime Minister Theresa May. The moment was captured by Russian Sherpa, Svetlana Lukash and posted on Twitter. The tweet was deleted but not before Ivanka …

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