November 24, 2017
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How To Solve Your Clutter Problem

Your Clutter Problem

After a long day at work you come home, check the mail, and set it down on a table. You mean to check it later, but you never do. There’s The Defenders to watch, dinner to eat, and dishes to do. And that’s how what once was a few letters and bills are now a mountain. Does this sound like …

3 Important Tips for Freelance Writers

Tips for Freelance Writers

Earning your livelihood as a freelance writer can be a difficult proposition. In order to make ends meet, you’ll need to be persistent in your search for clients and put your best effort into every assignment you produce. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you conduct yourself in a professional manner when interacting with both regular and prospective clients. While it’s true …

Help Raise funds for this StartUp Company

Hi, We are a startup in india and We raising funds for our new project. This project is about developing Nano Satellite. Please help Us by contributing towards my project or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family! We are grateful for your help! Mission Objective: The mission objective is to justify solar sails as an alternative means of space …

O visa an alternative for H-1B visa?

Applicants for the H-1B visa are being advised to apply for an O visa instead. H-1B visa has always been the go-to choice for Indian software workers who applied for a job in the United States. The O visa program, on the other hand, is for people who have extraordinary abilities or a demonstrated record of an extraordinary achievement. A …

From Google to samosas: A success story

Every software engineer dreams of landing a job at Google. Google not only provides a financially stable career but also adds well to the résumé. Engineers are known to be all-rounders, be it acting, music or art, they know all about it. While many would work hard and long to land a job at companies like Google, there are still …

Paytm And Mobikwik To Pick Up Talent Laid Off By Snapdeal


Online payment platform-majors Paytm and Mobikwik have come to the rescue of the employees laid off recently by Snapdeal after the online e-commerce giant confirmed that it had faced mounting losses and needed to rethink their business model. An estimated 600 employees have already been retrenched in the process of business restructuring and many more are said to be facing …

Cyrus Mistry Accused of Breaching Confidential Rules for Fall in Share Prices, Tata Sons Files Petition


Tata Sons, on Tuesday, accused ex-Chairman Cyrus Mistry of breaching confidential rules and figures for the fall in share prices for the FY ’16; which turned out to be another reason for taking strict legal measures against him. The company’s strict rules and norms were broken and breached which has intensified the situation along with making the battle tough and …

Amazon’s Soaring Losses May Make The Road Ahead Smoother For Flipkart


Amazon India, the Indian arm of the global e-commerce giant, has seen a loss of Rs. 3,572 crore in the last financial year as it looks to expand and compete with home-grown rival Flipkart. Although revenue has increased by 123% to Rs 2,275 crore and the customer loyalty base has definitely increased, losses have doubled and threaten to spiral out of control. …

Amazon India Raises Fresh Capital Worth Rs. 2,010 Crores Via Core Firm


US-based Amazon Inc. has recently invested as much as Rs. 2,010 crores in its India segment were henceforth settling down to one of the biggest capital infusion in a conglomerate through its core firm till date. As per the developments, it has bid to topple the market leader Flipkart Inc. from its existing position as the Indian-based e-commerce giants is …

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