November 24, 2017
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Elon Musk promised a surprise during the Tesla semi unveiling event, and boy did he deliver: the return of the Roadster. But it’s no repeat performance. The stunning four-seater roadster boasts jaw-dropping numbers, that if they measure up to Musk’s claims, will make it the world’s fastest production car. In his remarks, Musk described it as a “smackdown” to the …

Important Points Need to Know About Auto Recyclers

Auto Recycler

The term auto recyclers are used to define experts who are into vehicle recycling. This is the process where cars are dismantled, and the good portions of these cars are then taken out, melted, and then used again. One can call this space either by wrecking yard, auto-dismantling yard, or even car spare part yard. The vehicle is recycled, especially …

5 Cars To Be Launched In October 2017

The seventeenth year of the 21st century has been a very eventful year in the automobile field. Almost all of the major companies doing business in India have come up with models that have found prominence in the market. The year started with the major launch of the all-new Tata Hexa SUV and Maruti Suzuki Ignis, followed by the new …

9-10 September: This Weekend in Motor Sport History

~9 September~ 1901: The first long-distance motor race in the United States began in New York City, ending 5 days and 464 miles later in Buffalo, New York. In these early days of motor racing, the determining factor was not speed or endurance, but reliability. David Bishop’s winning Panhard et Levassor only averaged a speed of 15 mph, but managed …

Key Features of the BMW Display Key


Recently, the 4-door sedan BMW 540i was unveiled. While there’s so much to talk about this latest offering by the well-known German manufacturer luxury vehicles, what got the attention of most was its Display Key – a fob that is the pompous lovechild of a car key and smart phone. The primary aim of this Drive Key is to have …

GST affects Automobile Industry

The Goods and Service Tax is set to be implemented on July 1 and it has everyone in a knot. Carmakers are making jaw-dropping offers and discounts to seek advantage of the confusion surrounding the new ‘One Nation One Tax’ system. They are trying to push sales and clear inventories before the month ends. The cars that would take the …

Fully Driverless Cars Could Be a Reality by 2018

Umpteen number of times, we have heard about the cars from the next generation that will be fully autonomous, driverless. We are still far away from having the cars with the highest level of autonomy i.e. no human assistance at all. All we are scheduled to have on the road in near future are the cars that might come with …

2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire: Looking for a highly-accesorised compact sedan? Here’s the lowdown

Maruti Suzuki in India can take a lot of pride in the fact for going the extra mile with the authentic sedan, the new Dzire. The latest offering comes with styling changes, plush and roomy interiors, and much more to give passengers a comfortable ride. Maruti Suzuki is offering the new 2017 Dzire with two accessory packages– Grandiose and Exuberance. …

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