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The Italian Automotive History Would Not Be Complete, Without The Alfa Romeo Giulia

It was a long wait for the Alfa Romeo Giulia. But eventually, the wait paid off, Giulia is a real Alfa Romeo. When the Italian cars are in question, the look is never lying. They are like ladies: beautiful and pretty beautiful.

And Giulia is a real lady, young in spirit and character, whose manners remind that the cars should be loved with our heart and soul. Especially the Italian cars, who, with each meeting disturb our established criteria for assessment in all parameters except for the beauty. Here, they simply lead the way in front of others and it’s virtually impossible for an Italian car to be nice. Especially if they have the Alfa Romeo logo.


Giulia just radiates with its pristine appearance. Every detail is completely processed and is an integral part of the whole picture. If even one is removed, it will immediately be noted that something is missing. The front part, the low hood, the illuminated lights, the traditional mask and the dynamic bumper with the license plate, leaves you with awe.

When you’ll look at the Giulia, “eyes in the eyes”, the breath stops. The heart starts to be slower when the look is shifted to the silhouette with elegant proportions and unstressed sporty curves. The wheels also lay well on the Giulia and it looks like everything is perfect. The rear part reduces the excitement, it seems somewhat insufficiently impressive, as the designers get distracted when they reach it. Or they deliberately kept it for the rest of the vehicle, especially the interior.



The look in the cabin boasts some typical Italian details, such as the engine start button located on the steering wheel. And there, the first look returns mixed feelings. Everything is in place and what it should be. The impression is in the style of “if it was a little bit more provocatively it would be great”, but really, there is no need for that, Sylvia Giulia is a lady, not a teenager. Many details have a stamp of the Italian charming and the relaxed leisure style.

If we have to find remarks this would be the look of the materials used, but not for their quality. The sitting inside the Giulia gives a secret of the attractiveness of the Italian cars. And here, we have some notes, the position requires driving with a school setting of the body. If you are a devotee of driving with outstretched hands you will have to forget about it, especially if you have some excess in height, like me.

There is enough room for the legs, but as far as you can adjust it, the steering wheel will simply be too close to you. In fact, the steering wheel is in the right position where it should be, but we have already mentioned that the Italian cars are disturbing us in the established criteria. If Giulia had, for example, German origin, we would be seated inside flawlessly.


Giulia lifestyle conclusion will be done if there is a better engine And she also reminds her of the other German rivals. Not only in the interior, but also in the mechanics. The rear wheel drive was something we forgot to mention about at Alfa Romeo. The last time we saw it was in the poorly-performing 75, which was replaced in 1992 by the model 155. Many people remember this model as the last model that was launched before Alfa Romeo became part of Fiat automotive industry. The ideal 50-50% of weight distribution promises driving qualities that will not be commanded by reason, but with passion and enjoyment of the ride.

But it needs an appropriate aggregate, and here is its primary edition, 2.2-liter diesel engine with 150 horsepower. Designed to deliver an elegant ride, it does a great job, and when dynamics is required, it is necessary to work more with the six-speed manual gearbox. The DNA selector noticeably changes the reaction, but he is not omnipotent. In our opinion, Giulia needs a stronger engine to show the true character. The optimal minimum should be at least 200 horsepower gasoline engine, and if it already has to be a diesel engine, then at least 180 horsepower.

The reason why we precisely choose to review Giulia with this engine is just because of the price list. The basic model is only 39.000 euros and with each item, a richer package of equipment, a stronger engine or an eight-speed automatic transmission, it progressively grows up to 54.000 euros, where it makes a break because the offer is not yet complete. At the top is the dream of every man’s car, the Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde, which will be yours for “only” 90.000 euros.

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