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Dangal Lifetime Box Office Collection: Check Out the Detailed Business Report

Dangal Box Office Collection: Bollywood biographical films are generally well received by the audiences, and Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has left no stone unturned to set the box office on fire with its miraculous earnings. The breathtaking story of Mahavir Singh Phogat and the urge he had to make his daughters, inspirational wrestlers, was depicted in such a way that it made the viewers absolutely jaw-dropped. Dangal box office collection kick-started with a magnificent earning and it kept soaring higher with every passing day.

Nevertheless, Dangal collection acquired a double digit figure at the domestic box office even on its twelfth day of release and settled down to an impressive amount at the international arena. The Nitesh Tiwari directed film became the highest grosser Bollywood movie by doing the victory march at the box office. And now that the sports drama film has approached its last day at the theatres, getting an idea about the earnings of Dangal lifetime box office collection would surely be something interesting to look at.

Dangal Lifetime Box Office Collection
Dangal lifetime collection

Dangal Box Office Collection Till Date

Aamir Khan is known for his acting prowess, but who knew that his reel life daughters would bring out the exact requirement of the scenarios with extreme excellence? Fatima Sana Sheikh is right now the current talk of the town and has already gained immense recognition among the fandom. Her breathtaking acting skills and the way she wrestled was an absolutely treat to the eyes. While Zaira Wasim who portrayed younger Geeta Phogat has become a favourite among most of the Bollywood buffs. And with such a power-packed plot line as well as actors, Dangal total collection was bound to set the box office on fire. Nevertheless, the sports-drama film has crossed twenty five victorious days at the box office, and in this article, you will get an insight into the detailed business report of Dangal box office collection in India as well as in the International arena.

Dangal Lifetime Box Office Collection

The table press below will help you in getting an idea about the exact figures garnered by Dangal until now, so, here is the business report for Dangal lifetime box office collection.

DayDomesticOverseas Total Cumulative Collection
1st Day Collection 29.78 Crore17.05 Crore46.83 Crore46.83 Crore
2nd Day Collection 34.82 Crore23.71 Crore58.53 Crore105.36 Crore
3rd Day Collection 42.35 Crore21.54 Crore63.89 Crore169.25 Crore
4th Day Collection 25.48 Crore15.29 Crore40.77 Crore210.02 Crore
5th Day Collection 23.07 Crore11.92 Crore34.99 Crore245.01 Crore
6th Day Collection 21.20 Crore10.76 Crore31.96 Crore276.97 Crore
7th Day Collection 20.29 Crore9.46 Crore29.75 Crore306.72 Crore
8th Day Collection 18.59 Crore9.04 Crore27.63 Crore334.35 Crore
9th Day Collection 22.72 Crore7.45 Crore30.17 Crore364.52 Crore
10th Day Collection31.27 Crore10.06 Crore41.33 Crore405.85 Crore
11th Day Collection 13.45 Crore5.8219.27 Crore425.12 Crore
12th Day Collection 10.46 Crore5.21 Crore15.67 Crore440.79 Crore
13th Day Collection 9.23 Crore2.96 Crore12.19 Crore452.98 Crore
14th Day Collection 9.12 Crore1.87 Crore10.99 Crore463.97 Crore
15th Day Collection 6.66 Crore1.1 Crore7.76 Crore471.73 Crore
16th Day Collection 10.80 Crore1.92 Crore12.72 Crore484.45 Crore
17th Day Collection 14.33 Crore2.01 Crore16.34 Crore500.79 Crore
18th Day Collection 4.35 Crore0.86 Crore5.21 Crore506 Crore
19th Day Collection 4.03 Crore0.62 Crore4.65 Crore510.65 Crore
20th Day Collection 3.21 Crore0.54 Crore3.75 Crore514.4 Crore
21st Day Collection 2.97 Crore0.36 Crore3.33 Crore517.73 Crore
22nd Day Collection 1.94 Crore0.27 Crore2.21 Crore519.94 Crore
23rd Day Collection 4.06 Crore0.91 Crore4.97 Crore524.91 Crore
24th Day Collection 4.24 Crore0.88 Crore5.12 Crore530.03 Crore
25th Day Collection 1.37 Crore0.18 Crore1.55 Crore531.58 Crore
26th Day Collection1.27 Crore 0.11 Crore 1.38 Crore 532.96 Crore
27th Day Collection1.16 Crore 0.7 Crore 1.86 Crore 534.82 Crore
28th Day Collection1.04 Crore 0.5 Crore 1.54 Crore 536.36 Crore
29th Day Collection1.19 Crore 0.6 Crore 1.79 Crore 538.15 Crore
30th Day Collection1.060.3 Crore 1.36 Crore 539.51 Crore

Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has not only garnered phenomenal earnings but has also done utmost justice to the inspirational story of Mahavir Singh Phogat.

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