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Honda Unicorn 160 may Stop its Production!

Honda Unicorn is the bike that was developed by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India keeping in mind the Indian roads. The bike started its production in 2004 and with time gave competition to some of the well-known models of some prominent brands. Unicorn 160 was born exactly two years back and did a great business and overtook the extremely popular Yamaha FZ in the segment in terms of sales for the month of April 2015. The bike has shown continuous growth in its business and popularity. Last year the bike was at its best selling condition and was even going well until October this year. Obviously, the expectation from Honda Unicorn 160 is always high. But the disaster happened when last month the bike ended up with a shocking sale of just 26 units.

Honda Unicorn 160

Honda took almost every necessary step to fix the issue where nothing helped the sell in a positive way. As a result, Unicorn 150 was taken back into the market and since then the situation has taken a topsy-turvy condition. Unicorn 150 is doing so well among the Indian mass and in last three months it has registered over 48,000 unit sales, Honda Unicorn 160 died a silent death with just 26 units sell in the last month of October.

If we go with the data of the selling comparison for last three months Unicorn 150 is so much in growth that Unicorn 160. Where Unicorn 150 has sold 13542 units in August, 17916 units in September and 16895 units in October, Unicorn 160 did a shockingly poor business by selling 1841 units in August 1007 units in September and 26 units in October.

It is utterly a bad news for Honda as Unicorn has become one of those models that failed to stay strong in the competitive automobile market.  The brand came with a lot of expectations only to survive few days. According to the critics, it is a result of the older style and features that need to be changed as soon as possible. An upgraded version may help the buyers to choose Unicorn over another bike. Till then it seems just a matter of time when Unicorn 160 will extinguish from the market.

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